www tellsubway com 1 Minute Survey [ Subway Listens Website 2019 ]

www tellsubway com 1 Minute Survey: Surveys in food chain companies have become a thing, in your receipt it will guide you ti a link where you can give your feedback in exchange of a reward in subway’s case its always a cookie, not everyone is crazy about those cookies, they are big, sweet and non diet whatsoever for a food chain that sells fit subways those cookies are outside their concept.

www tellsubway com 1 Minute Survey

www tellsubway com 1 Minute Survey [ Subway Listens Website 2019 ]

However this surveys with a big cookie reward are a thing that people do, just to get something free, maybe not for them, but still they will get a coolie for free instead of buying it why not do the 1 minute survey and use it to get a free cookie that you could being your daughter or a coworker who’s crazy about them.

Subway Listens Survey

This is another successful system that provides owners and managers with timely manner feedback provided by customers in real life. But why a cookie when you sell sandwiches? I’ve always asked myself that? Why a cookie, I understand that its something extra and those coolies are always on the stand because I barely see people buying those cookies. Anyway here we are filling out this minute survey,. Reviewing the store as well as the service at the store, how clean was it how fast was the service and maybe how good was it.

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All Those questions to provide feedback in return of a cookie. Is it worthy? To fill it out just for a cookie? Think about it as a free cookie, that you could eat for dessert, snack or just to take it home or give it away to a stranger. But who will leave something that is given out for free? That’s the problem there my friend, just because we read free we automatically feel the need and urge to do this thing in order to receive our free reward, it’s a pretty mind controlling system and it works out perfectly.

Subway Free Cookie Day

Because nowadays people literally stop anywhere they see a free sign, or they may just return to a place if they see free on their receipt, even social media calls our attention with those mind games where you see the word free and trust me you will go back to read the whole thing.

Subway Listens Website

Free is the magic word not even money, but free., Buy 2 and get one in return, or the second piece is free this signs play with our minds, people may just gone to the store to get one item, but as soon as they read the sale and that they will get something for free, that will be it, this person will automatically walk out the store with 2 unwanted items just because they got one for free, but they don’t see that they are paying more or that they don’t need it now, they just see free.

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And that’s what happens with surveys that provide with rewards, people wont loose the chance to get something in return, just by filling out a one minute survey, I would do it. Would you?

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