TellSubway Validation Code: Subway Listens Survey Free Cookie Coupon

TellSubway Validation Code: Subway validation code is a code that you put down after taking the online subway survey which allows you to redeem a free sandwich or a free cookie in some instances, the next time you visit the Subway store. Sounds quite simple and harmless, right? Yes, it is quite simple and harmless as I will show you in this article. The subway validation code is a 16-digit code that carries a value of a free gift. One thing you have to note is that the subway validation code will be displayed on the screen once you complete the survey.

TellSubway Validation Code

The subway validation code has an expiry in which, when the expiry date passes you cannot redeem the code. The survey users who complete the survey successfully are the only ones who are awarded with the free validation code or a free subway coupon code. Those awarded with this code have to note the code on the side of the receipt so that when they visit the subway store again, within the limited time provided before expiry, they will be able to redeem and get a free sandwich.

Subway Listens Survey

This code is shown to the cash counter and you will get a free sandwich on your next purchase. There are several rules, terms and conditions regarding this validation code.

Subway Listens Website

TellSubway Validation Code: Subway Listens Survey Free Cookie Coupon

They are:

  1. Those taking the survey needs to take the survey within 30 days in which they were given the receipt for them to receive this validation code.
  2. The validation code is valid for a limited period of time that is stated when receiving the code.
  3. Users can only redeem the code to get the product stated by the store for example a sandwich or a cookie and not any other product that they would wish to have. This means that the prize of the coupon/validation code cannot be transferred or cannot be exchanged.
  4. The code is only valid for one redemption and cannot be used for two or more times.
  5. Once the coupon code is lost or misplaced, you cannot get the free item.
  6. On completing the survey, anyone who has a unique store id, gets a unique validation code.
  7. The code can only be given to a person who is 18 years old and above since only persons of 18 years old and above can participate in the survey. survey

The rewards vary based on the country and the period of promotions. One thing that all users have to note is that you can still use the code or you can still redeem the code, while you join other promotions such as MySubwayCard promotion.

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Subway Free Cookie Coupon

They are all categorized differently and you also have to use them separately but you can use them together on the same day as you wish.In case you are not able to receive the code yet you completed the survey on time, you can contact the store and they will assist you get the code.

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