Subway Survey $5 Gift Card [ SUBWAY Customer Listens Survey 2019 ]

Subway Survey $5 Gift Card: What better reward than cash back? Imagine going to any restaurant or retail store and they offer you to fill out a survey in order to get 5$ back, forget about the cookie give me my money. So this is how anyone on their right mind will think, I mean who wouldn’t want 5$ cash instead of a cookie or ice cream, and no just 5$ back a 5$ gift card which means you could use in another purchase that means a lot of money given away. How they make it work? No idea, we just know that a lot of people working from home are literally getting paid for filling out surveys like this and here we are filling them out for cookies, ill take their cash anytime without second guessing. Who wouldn’t?

Subway Survey $5 Gift Card 2019

Subway Survey $5 Gift Card

This surveys are a mind game that by rewarding us, will make us do whatever its requested, a 5 minutes surveys in exchange of 5$ gift card doesn’t sound bad at all. That would have made subway the food chain with the biggest line, just because people want the 5$ gift card, imagine the lines that you would find and at the end everyone is paying with their gift-card instead of their actual cash. Infinite Subway Gift Cards.

Free $5 Subway Gift Card Codes

unfortunately this didn’t last, seem it was only something done on 2017, how long did it last? Long enough to have a record on the whole internet and for people to be still talking about it, imagine who wouldn’t be talking about it, but this generated issues because people were creating codes with stores number and all so people anywhere who go and don’t go to subway could submit the survey and get the 5$ gift-card mailed to their houses, so this was unfair to anyone who go to subway and also to the business which ended up causing the ending of this promotion.

Subway Listens Survey

I will definitely spend my life and save all my money by filling out surveys like this that way I will always have gift-cards on my wallet that will pay for my meal. It’s like a non ending cycle you make a purchase, you submit the survey get the 5$ gift card and then later on, maybe not necessarily on that same purchase (because it would be unfair that on your 5$ gift card purchase you fill out a survey to get another 5$ gift card) you would buy yourself a 15 inches sandwich or who knows maybe be bold enough to buy a 30 and just use the gift card to pay the remaining.

Subway Free Cookie Survey

However you decide yo use it, the gift card is yours. So why hasn’t any other food chain used this strategy to make us do all their crazy surveys. Im just here waiting for them, to have my infinite gift card savings.

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Free Subway Gift Card Number and Pin 2019

This is one the best reward surveys that have ever been made, unfortunately not many of these have been done in the past years, hopefully someone will think of this great idea again so we can take advantage on the gift cards let it be 1 or 10. How many we can get we will still get a gift card a almost free sandwich and a big smile on our faces.

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