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Subway Store ID: Subway store id is a unique number found on the receipt. A receipt is a paper that is given on purchase of something at the subway store. This subway store id is written on top of the subway receipt. This subway store id is crucial since it is the number thing that you will require when you want to take the subway survey that earns you a free item at the subway store.

Subway Store ID

Subway Store ID Subway Restaurant Near Me Current Location

Most people find the subway store id number to be a 4-digit number but it always varies from time to time. You have to carefully put the receipt because once the receipt is messed or lost it willbe quite difficult and almost impossible to get the store id again. Apart from the survey and the validation code, subway store id can also be used in case a complaint about the transaction arises. This is because the subway store will only input the store id and the transaction’s details will be displayed. This will make it easy for the subway store to sort out an issue regarding the transaction.

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This subway store id can be used by the subway store to check the items you purchased on that particular day at a particular time. One important disclaimer is that this subway store id does not reveal any personal information about the purchaser for example the location of the purchaser, the name, the bank details, the work position or even the age. There are several rules, terms and conditions of this store id while taking the Subway Survey.

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These rules include:

  1. You can only use the subway store id for only one entry in the survey. You cannot not enter a store id twice. If you want to get another free validation code or coupon, other than what you have, you have to use a different store id.
  2. The Subway store id is only valid for 30 days for the case of the subway survey. This means that after 30 days you cannot use the subway store receipt id you were given over 30 days ago to enter the survey.
  3. At least one subway store id is required in order to participate in the subway survey. Before you start the survey, you are required to fill in the subway store id on your receipt.
  4. At least one purchase is required so as to get the subway store id.
  5. The subway store id should be from a store in a country that the survey is relevant in or the country in which the survey should be done.

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Don’t forget to visit subway store so that you can also get your own subway store id from the receipt of your purchase which you can redeem a gift. Remember to keep the subway store id private so that no one can use the store id to redeem a free item at a subway store by taking a one-minute survey at their website.

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