Subway holiday hours

Subway restaurant is an American international restaurant mainly known for its lunch-dinner meal. The food service, like Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and Easter Day, is not accessible on national holidays.

On other holidays, the restaurant is open for the customers. Actually, on these days, the team earn more profit than the daily routine.

Subway business hours:

The working hours of restaurant are from Monday to Friday. The service is open every day except special days like holidays.

The fixed hours of working of the Subway are as mentioned below:

  1. Weekdays:

Most of restaurants are open 24 hours of day. Typically, the restaurant opens on 10.00 am and closes on 01.00 am from Monday to Friday.

  1. Weekends:

On the weekend days means Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant opens on 10.00 am of morning and closes on 01.00 am.

The operating time or working to every restaurant is not same, can be vary as per the location of the restaurant.

The variation of working hours mainly observed on holidays. So, before a visit check opening hour of restaurant.

Holiday hours when Subway restaurant offerings:

Subway serves with various special offers providing best deals to the consumer on the holidays. Following are some popular special offers among the customers:

  1. Subway product – Up to 25% discount.
  2. Combo offers on Sandwiches and some other food products.
  3. Special gifts.
  4. Toys for children of visited customers.

The Subway restaurant is open on the following holidays:

  1. Labor Day:

A public holiday celebrated on the 2nd September of every year, is known as Labor Day.

  1. Thanksgiving Day:

The National Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the 26th November.

  1. Memorial Day:

It is also known as Decoration Day. It is celebrated on 25th May, in remembrance of the dyed men and women or everyone in Military Service of the united states.

  1. New Year’s Day.
  2. Cyber Monday.
  3. Chico Do May.
  4. Tax Day
  5. Martin Luther King Day (MLK day) Jr. Day.

Holiday hours when Subway restaurant is Closed:

  1. Christmas Day:

The food store is closed on Christmas Day. But most of stores opens their services at evening of Christmas Day. Actually, it is based on rush of customers and location of restaurant.

  1. Easter Day:

On Easter day, every Subway restaurant is closed. But for customer satisfaction, the restaurant is open at some locations only with regular operating hours due to customer’s demand.

The coupon policy of Subway restaurant:

If visited customer has a computer, laptop or smart phone to sign up on the online portal of Kroger, then he or she can participate on digital coupon policy. The digital coupons are used to get some best discount offers on the purchased products and free food also.

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On the Easter day and Christmas day, the Subway restaurant is closed. But some of restaurant are open because of rush of customers.

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