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Subway has notified through the official portal that the gluten free bread is presently accessible in 300 Fresh Forward restaurants across the United States since the effective addition of Gluten free sub bread made to menus in just 24 places this previous December in the year of 2018.

Because customers have got the bread well, Subway is looking to expand its gluten-free products even further.

They are presently testing a gluten-free wrap and as quickly as possible they will share more information related to the gluten free bread.

Management Sayings:

“Subway is innovating as never before and will soon have a positive impact on our gluten-free offerings,” said Andy Dismore, North American Menu Management and Innovation Director.

“We are constantly listening to guest feedback and exploring many changes so that we can integrate gluten-free alternatives as part of our future products.”

If your local subway does not offer gluten-free bread, make sure that the franchise owner understands that it is accessible for order across the country, making it a fast and flexible addition to the menu.

All about the bread:

The made-without-gluten bread contains:

  1. Egg whites.
  2. Corn-starch.
  3. Modified corn-starch.
  4. Tapioca starch.
  5. Palm oil.
  6. Distilled monoglycerides.
  7. Less than 2% of the following:
  8. rice bran.
  9. Natural flavor.
  10. Sodium acid pyrophosphate.
  11. Baking soda.
  12. Mono calcium phosphate).
  13. Xanthan gum.
  14. Carbohydrate gum.
  15. Guar gum.

Cross-contamination safeguards:

Understanding that Subway cafes can’t offer a cross-contact free condition, the made-without-gluten bread is kept solidified in its separately wrapper.

The pre-cut sub bread, which is the size of a six-inch sub and costs an extra $1, is defrosted in the cooler for 12 hours before serving.

The main choice for warming is toasting on shared gear, which would place it in direct contact with wheat, so all things being equal it is served room temperature.

Making of the sandwich breads that are gluten free:

When making sandwiches on made-without-gluten sub bread, every Subway sandwich craftsman pursues these sheltered taking care of methods:

  1. Put on new gloves subsequent to washing their hands.
  2. Keep the bread in its wrapping until the sandwich is being readied.
  3. Use clean containers and clean scoops/utensils for all items.
  4. Build the sandwich all the way by just one sandwich craftsman.
  5. Bread isn’t toasted.

Metro stores in the UK have propelled another gluten free roll. This comes in pre-bundled and servers have as far as anyone knows got preparing on things, for example, evolving gloves, sheets, and so on.

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For more information related to the Subway gluten free, give a visit to the official portal and check for the information you need there.

Subway restaurant is presently testing a gluten-free wrap and as quickly as possible they will share more information related to the gluten free bread.


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