Subway Complaint Form [ Subway Customer Service Complaint Form ]

Subway Complaint Form: Subway restaurant chain is a privately owned American fast-food franchise. With over 42,000 branches located in more than 110 countries, it leaves no doubt that Subway is one of the fastest growing restaurants in the world.

The restaurant-chain primarily sells sandwiches and salads. Most Subway stores have however extended their fast-food services to include breakfast, drinks, bread and toppings, wraps and kids ‘pak’.

Subway Complaint Form

Just like all other restaurants, it uncommon to serve hundreds, thousands or millions of customers without registering dissatisfaction and complaints. The complaints wildly and widely vary from bad food preparations, poor or lying menu, through generally bad service to unwelcoming employees’ attitude.

Subway Customer Service Complaint

This has necessitated provision of a medium through which the dissatisfied customers leave or point out their areas of concern to the franchise management.

Subway Complaint Form [ Subway Customer Service Complaint Form ]

Significance of the Form

  • The form serves to bridge the dissatisfied customers and the stores management.
  • Most customers may shy away from immediately pointing out frustrating or displeasing services or displays; making the form handy.
  • Complaint form minimizes possible verbal or physical confrontations between customers and employees.
  • A lot of vital information could be refined from the complaints for the benefit of the franchise. Most customers will register the complaints and yield further suggestions on how to solve the dissatisfaction in their own view. A collection of such suggestions may greatly prove rewarding in perfecting the restaurant’s services.

Subway Customer Service Policy

Form Availability

Subway Complaint Form is available both online and physically in some outlets. These outlets may provide materials like suggestion boxes where filled forms are collected. Several store offices or regional centers also avail these compliant forms to willing customers.

Subway Formal Complaint

Form Contents

Restaurant Information – The online form allows you to search for your restaurant name or enter the restaurant number from the receipt you were served with upon which the restaurant’s name will load automatically.

The form also inquires of the date and approximate time of the restaurant visit.

Personal Information – Captured by the form are your first and last names, email address, phone number, country and state or province.

Product or Service – Enter what you are complaining about. This section just asks for a short mention of your concern before detailing it in the message.

Message – Subway Complaint Form provides a message space of up to 3000 characters after feeding restaurant and personal information where you can leave your hearty concerns to be handled by management.

Although the form does not disclose it, sharing of extreme personal information relating to yourself or Subway employees is discouraged.

Online complaint forms may ask you to prove that you are not a robot before submitting the details.

Complaint Contacts – The complaint forms may avail customer care contacts, regional center and social sites where you can further interact with the stores.

Subway Complaint to Corporate

Subways, in struggle to realize successful fast-growth, strives to ensure customer satisfaction in every aspect of their service. Hearing from you, particularly through the right channels, when something goes wrong, can help put things right quickly and take action to prevent it from happening again.

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According to Subways’ complaint handling process, received complaints usually register responses within the first five working days.

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