Subway 1800 Number: Corporate Customer Service Contact Number

Subway 1800 Number: The subway 1800 number is a customer service number that allows you to text or call whenever a need that concerns the subway store arises. The full number is 1800-888-4848. You can use the number to call them and let them know how you feel.

Subway 1800 Number

The number can be found on the contact us page on the subway website. The number is available for 24 hours and 7 days. Most people find the best time to call the number is at 1:45 pm. You can use the number for reasons such as.

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Subway 1800 Number Corporate Customer Service Contact Number

  • Make a reservation.

You can call the store to make a reservation indicating that you will be at the particular subway store at a particular time or you will need a certain type of food ready at a particular time or if you will need a particular type of food delivered to you at the stated location.

Subway Customer Service Policy

  • Cancel a reservation.

This number can be used to cancel a reservation in case you have changed the plans and you cannot get to the subway store at that moment.

  • Delivery problems.

You can use this number to call the subway store incase what you ordered has not been delivered to you at the agreed time or the agreed location.

Subway Customer Service Complaint

  • Overcharge or in case of strange charges.

An accounting error could come up when they are calculating. This could be an overcharge or additional of an item that you did not purchase. This happens when you did not realise it while in the store and you cannot access the store anytime soon.

  • Complaints.

Complaints may arise where the quality of the food was not as expected, the quantity of the food was also not as expected, complaints about the customer service(personnel), even complaints about the structure/building of the store and so many other complaints. You can use this number to register your complaints.

Subway Customer Service Contact Number

Some of the reasons why customers contacted the number recently include:

  • ‘I was at a Subway store,and I told the worker I wanted the meal deal she charged me for every item. She also refused to change my order after I told her I was getting the meal deal. She gave me a lot of attitude, was very disrespectful and I don’t think I would return.’
  • ‘I need to contact the area manager. My daughter works for you and really loves her job, but she feels like she’s being bullied by her manager. She comes home from work crying most of the time. I am not sure how the manager bullies her. I need to get to the bottom of this. I am not happy at all.’

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Most issues recorded by subway customers are always fixed. It might take time but they will definitely be fixed when you follow them up. The positive reports help the subway store keep going while the negative report help them to correct where there is a mistake. Contacting them is quite important.

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